For years pedigrees have been bred right after racial standards. They must abide to certain external features and specific characteristics. And yet, each and every dog is an individual in features and behaviour. Within the same breed specific characteristics will surface more in a single dog than in an additional.

Formerly many dogs were helpful to work for us. In hunting the overall game was roused by a dog. Or a dog would chase a rabbit without treatment till in its burrow and retreive it to its owner. The farmer would take a major dog to accompany his herd on the cattle market. After the cattle ended up sold he would go home with all the dog beside him to protect the thick money bag.

Barking dogs were helpful to chase ducks into the decoy so they can chase away people from this yard.
In Holland, nowadays, pets are kept more as household than as working dogs.

It may well occur that within the individual dog of the favourite breed exactly that specific feature continues to be developed which causes trouble to you.
Formerly appreciated characteristics of your new puppy can nowadays cause problems for you and/or your dog.
Despite the fact that some breeds show behaviour that has been bred for years, these dogs are ‘strange dogs’ in this present society.

When you have chosen a dog from the pound you may not know in advance which behaviour your puppy has developed. Often a dog shows their true nature only months after they have entered your home. As owner you may want some good advice here.

Dogs are brought here from foreign countries to present them a (dog-)worthy life. You probably have a dog from abroad? Often these dogs cant be found treated well in their homeland. Due to ignorance, poverty or war these pets have a past which will never be good.
Despite the fact that dog language is universal these pets are here ‘strange dogs’ for their harsh past.