Sometimes a salamander requires a little help, and a species around the Ontario endangered list has received exactly that from the city of Kitchener, CBC News reports.
City officials there have decided to close off a area of road to vehicle traffic, make it possible for the protected Jefferson salamander to cross without meeting an car demise.
The road, Stauffer Push, is a key crossing point with the declining amphibians, which live on either side from the street and cross it each spring to find small ponds that appear soon after snow has melted.
City officials told CBC News oahu is the fourth time they have closed the road, which will remain automobile-free until finally May 1.
Jefferson salamanders can be found from the U. S. Northeast through southern and eastern Ontario as well as southwestern Quebec. They're anywhere from 4 to 7 inches long (11 to 18 centimeters) and so are black, brown or dark dull.
Being mole salamanders, Jeffersons tend to be accomplished burrowers, and they breed in early spring, as soon as the snowfall melts. In Kitchener, they won't have to look both ways before crossing the road.