Some sort of Colombian Air Force plane whose cargo hold looked more like the hull of Noah's Ark sent nearly 150 trafficked animals returning to the Amazon on Tuesday subsequent months of rehabilitation.
The 149 pets -- 83 reptiles, 53 parrots and 13 mammals, including wild cats and Capuchin monkeys -- have 10 months of preparation that included surgery to extract skin and plumage, the Valle del Cauca department environmental authority stated.

Before being released into the particular wild, the animals went through thorough medical examinations to make certain they would not spread disease returning to their natural populations, and were isolated with other members of these species in conditions like the jungle.
"We selected individual animals which may defend themselves in their surroundings, who weren't too far along in adulthood so they wouldn't fall easy prey, inch said Lorena Gomez, a biologist along with Valle del Cauca authority.
Following a two-hour flight in crates in the western city of Palmira on the municipality of Solano, the animals will travel by boat using a five-hour ride into the Amazonian bush, before being released.
Around fityfive, 000 wild animal and grow specimens were seized in Colombia during the past two years, often to money criminal gangs, the Ministry associated with Environment and Sustainable Development stated.