"There the girl with, there she is! " Inside distance beyond the outstretched finger of conservation biologist Daniel Ramp stood a rare white animal, rising slowly as her ears stiffened and eyes devoted to him.
Why Koalas Sound Just like Barry White
You'd think koalas would sound as cute when they look. But, oh no... the sound they make is not like what you'd expect.

Nestled underneath her snowy chest was some sort of brown joey, its head peaking away from a pouch.
The 1. 5-metre (4. 9-feet) tall albino wallaroo bounded for the thin trunks of eucalyptus gum trees from the Mount Panorama Woodlands, her light leaps barely breaking the silence from the natural reserve.
Several hundred metres away, the harsh sounds of revving engines echoed as V8 supercars raced throughout the track of Australia's spiritual home of motor sport in Bathurst, a number of 300 kilometres (185 miles) west of Sydney.
The white marsupial, considered to be more than four years old the other of only three spotted in your community, has thrilled researchers studying the area kangaroo population -- but you can find concerns about the wallaroos' chosen home from the woodlands surrounding the race routine.
The Bathurst Kangaroo Project, funded through the University of Technology Sydney's Center for Compassionate Conservation and Bathurst's regional council, is keen to slow up the conflict between the animals and race cars.
Mount Panorama is home for the "Bathurst 1000", known as your "Great Race", which takes devote October.
The culling of some 140 kangaroos close to the tracks sparked outrage in 2009, while videos of them bounding between cars travelling at almost 200 kilometres (125 miles) by the hour have gone viral on Youtube.
Organisers have sought to hold them away by erecting fences but some still get on the monitor, causing near-misses or crashes.
"We view kangaroos jumping into fences quit, right and centre, getting terrified, " Ramp said, describing how some kangaroos react when stressed through the race and the appearance of a large number of fans.