This can be a substance many children have speculated when before dipping a toe right into a lake or ocean. The fact is that fish do pee. Not merely do they pee, but researchers have recently found that this liquid is precious plus the ecosystems of coastal waterways and coral reefs are based upon it to remain strong as well as healthy. Not only that, it requires a range of different fish species.

What circles comes around. You reap what you sow. Karma is a bitch. No matter how many clich├ęs you apply to something there are times when you've just got it arriving. Animal lovers everywhere are cheering with the dog who took revenge on a car owner in China exactly who kicked it by going along with getting its friends to chew the heck out of the car. To them he bought his "just desserts. "

While it is almost certainly jokingly said that you will not adopt a cat, it adopts you, there are times when cats walk out their way to prove how true that's. In the case of Mr. Extravagant, a tabby cat, he had chosen where the heart belonged and nothing was going to stand in his way for being with the family he liked. Even the family had to accept the truth that they were his -- for a long time.

In his memoir Alan Alda implored us to "Never Have Your pet Stuffed. " When it involves taxidermy this is probably sound advice. This may be true of cloning your canine friend as well. There is a more realistic (and totally fake) alternate -- the Cuddle Clone. The organization takes the image of your canine friend and turns that into an exciting and adorable plush toy. Your cat might have a twin. Your horse might have a Mini-Me. You can recall them forever.