In his memoir Alan Alda implored us to "Never Have Your pet Stuffed. " When it involves taxidermy this is probably sound advice. This may be true of cloning your canine friend as well. There is a more realistic (and totally fake) alternate -- the Cuddle Clone. The organization takes the image of your canine friend and turns that into an exciting and adorable plush toy. Your cat might have a twin. Your horse might have a Mini-Me. You can recall them forever.
The whole thing started rice when company founder Jennifer Graham ended up being cuddling Rufus, her Great Dane. It was then that the thought first occurred to her how nice it becomes to have a stuffed animal much like hum, not just another mass-produced gadget. She didn't act on the thought, but it wouldn't let the woman's go either. Rufus eventually got sick and passed on. The depth of her sadness awakened that desire in her and since then she has poured her period, money, and dreams into creating Cuddle Clones.
The company results in custom-made, one-of-a-king plush animals off kinds to look just such as your precious pet. This product is far from limited to just animals. It seems that the sky could be the limit. The mission of Cuddle Clones is: "To capture your emotional connection between people along with their pets through our custom-made products. "
All you want to do order your own Cuddle Clone is to select any type of product you want. Then you send the organization photos of your pet, a lot more the better. You also get to decide on specific appearance traits of your pet that you want to make sure remain intact -- suck as a cocky ear. Once you order your clone it is going to take some time. Due towards popularity of this product orders are being taken for delivery with October 2015. If this sounds like an incredible gift for Christmas then you better get cracking.