What circles comes around. You reap what you sow. Karma is a bitch. No matter how many clich├ęs you apply to something there are times when you've just got it arriving. Animal lovers everywhere are cheering with the dog who took revenge on a car owner in China exactly who kicked it by going along with getting its friends to chew the heck out of the car. To them he bought his "just desserts. "

Everthing started when the man inside Chongqing, China, arrived home to get a stray dog lying in his preferred parking spot. He got out of the car and literally kicked the animal out of the space and went on to be able to park there. To no big surprise, the dog apparently took offense to this particular. It went away and returned later with a pack involving its buddies. They chewed in the car exterior and the window wipers.
The next morning the man went to his car and discovered it covered in what seemed to be bite marks. He remarked within the odd condition of the car to at least one of his neighbors. It turned out that the neighbor had seen the whole thing and had taken photos.
They say Karma is really a bitch, but there is no word on whether or not the dog was female. However, it does are proof that the old adage does work -- let sleeping dogs then lie.