This can be a substance many children have speculated when before dipping a toe right into a lake or ocean. The fact is that fish do pee. Not merely do they pee, but researchers have recently found that this liquid is precious plus the ecosystems of coastal waterways and coral reefs are based upon it to remain strong as well as healthy. Not only that, it requires a range of different fish species.

It turns out that fish urine acts as a variety of fertilizer for coral by providing it with the ideal level of nitrogen and phosphorus. Now researchers also have found that this provides the appropriate nutrients to keep sea turf beds and mangroves healthy.
Researchers from the University of Washington and Vermont State University detailed their study on how deficiencies in biodiversity could impact larger ecosystems within the journal Ecological Monographs. The researchers, who hope to rebuild Carribbean fisheries and conduct further studies there, also hope to study the role salmon urine may well play in river ecology.