Conservationists doing an annual count of Florida's manatees said Monday they've tallied a record 6, 000 -- various that reflects years of effort to guard the marine mammals.
How This Endangered Species Act Looks Out For Animals
Trace and Julia browse the fine print in the Decreasing in numbers Species Act.

There are numerous medical issues that could cause or promote the problem of house soiling (i. e., dog urinating in the house), and these issues become a lot more common as a dog age range. If you have an adult dog that has begun to behave uncharacteristically,

Well over 1, 600 starving and emaciated beach lion pups have washed ashore on California's beaches in current weeks, evidence of a growing crisis that researchers believe is a result of "unusual movement" of fish for you to deeper waters.
Record-breaking warm temperatures on the West Coast are forcing fish to retreat towards deeper, cooler waters, which experts say is impacting besides sea lions, but also dolphins, birds along with other animals.

This is the story of a cat by having an extreme case of wanderlust. It ends happily. His name is Kevin. The orange tabby was adopted in June 2013 by the woman in Anderson, South Carolina. She kept him being an indoor cat. "But he served unhappy, " she later told rescuers.